Saturday, March 26, 2011

Recent Swaps and projects

hey guys! well here are a few projects that i've been working on ive signed up for a lot of swaps on the scrapbeach and i've also have been tryin to start an etsy account. i was so excited the other day i got my first sell and i only had the items posted for 2 days! yay! but anyways. i really have been emersed in my scrapbook and creating different things. as you all my know i love vintage anything but im thinking that i might just focus on my creations and doing items for my etsy account.. Please check it out shop called ScrapHeadz.. its not all glammed up but it works! if anyone would be able to help me with a logo that would be great!

so with that said i might be taking a break from swap for a little while, i'm still in nursing school and really need to focus on that for right now. only 5 more weeks to go, and then i have to take my the NCLEX-RN which is a nationwide test to become licensed as a registered nurse.. but after i pass! (positive thinking) i'm going all out for my scrapbooking until i find a job.. but enough of the personal info! lets get started

my first projects are the grunge roses i did for a trade on the scrapbeach. i made over 30 grunge roses.. i think that they came out pretty good... i really want to try different paper effects or paper patterns to get so specific looks that might match some of the popular paper lines out there. but i was super happy with the way that these came out.

Second was a March pin swap that i did on the scrapbeach. the theme was springtime. so this is what i came up with.. i had to posted on my etsy account. but they already sold! yay! when i think of springtime  i think of my mom's garden, which is massive! i hate it.. over like 300 flowers and plants between the front of the house and back.. she has like 3 separate gardens and tons of flower boxes! but it looks amazing when it all done. and especially makes the backyard. we have no trees back there so it really makes the open space nice.

Third project - was a charm swap in entered at the scrapbeach. this theme was pink, brown, and a touch of lace.  then you had to make a tag for it.. i really love tags.. they are simple and don't take a lot of time.. also you get to see how different people that the theme and run with it.. the theme really made me think of monkeys for some reason. lol i don't know so i based my tag and charm off of these monkey charms i got from meijer for like $0.99. they also are a great place to buy some beads.. they are about the same price as some of the bead you might get from michaels or joanns.. but they do have sales sometimes.. most of the beads are by Blue Moon.. but they aren't bad if you lookin for simple cheap beads. also Wal-Mart has a great selection of cheap beads. i found recently the dollar bin there as well and its great. also they have tons of beads that are only 2.00 and 4.00 dollars and you get over 50 bead usually.
but here is my "Bananas for Bananas" charma and tag.

the last project was my etsy! i wanted to do a Stick Pin kit. for beginner or even more advanced people. this was from my personal collection of beads and charms.. i really have found some great deals.. so i went crazy just buying up beads.. so this is a way to get over my buyers remorse! lol and share some of my supplies. there are 3 kits available at $20 plus shipping. you do get over 80 pins in 14 different styles. you also get over 200 beads and 6 different spacers. you also get some flowers and a handmade grunge rose by Me. to use as you wish as an embellishment. And you can make a stick pin for it! yay!

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

altered notebooks

a few altered notebooks that i got from michaels for just a buck.. they are great thank you gifts for anyone.. if you like me i look to make notes and to do list all the time.. they these are really great fun simple projects.. i thinking of doin a tutorial so stay tuned for that!

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trades and paper roses from ebay

hey guys!! well i found a gold mine! Thai2u on ebay has these great paper mulberry roses and flowers for sale.. at a great price.. please check her out.. theses roses are beautiful!! they look just like any of the commerical roses you could purchase  like recollections or prima roses.. they are so great.. i was so excited to receive them..

also a few trades i did for my stick pins and grunge roses..thank  you nishi and anna for trading!! if you interested in any of my products or grunge roses please let me know.. i considering selling them on ebay or etsy.. but would like some advice on how to get started! but if you have any please oh please leave a comment.. i would really appericate it!!!

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grunge roses traded to Nishi

Altered Matchbox and TH charm Swap

hey! well this was a matchbox that i received from my partner yolanda on she did a great job on her box and sent me so many goodies and charms.. i really appericate it.. i didnt' show everything.. but i did just want to give a shout out..this was related to my pinkrose matchbox box that i also have pictures posted..

 i also did a Tim holtz swivl clasp charm swap.. i received my charm yesterday. thank you to leonie (hostess) and midnite scrapper and heather.. you charms were beautiful!!! i really appericate them.. this is related to the spring rain tags and charms i did..

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Hong Kong Haul!

Hey guys! well i just recently got back from Hong Kong. i was there for about 10 days to visit my family.. my grandmother on my mom's side recently got diagnosised with GI cancer and i went to visit her.. i had a great trip except for the 16 hour flight there and but overall it was great to see all of my family that i haven't seen in about 10 years. but i went to a few shops and craft stores and these are the supplies that i got. it great to go abroad and find different things that you can't find in the states.. but i just wanted to share some of the cool things i brought back. thank you to those all we had us in their thoughts and prayers.. i really appericate it..especially people at they have been truly great.. and im am so happy that i have met some of these ladies.. you guys have been great friends...

hugs ellen