Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hong Kong Haul!

Hey guys! well i just recently got back from Hong Kong. i was there for about 10 days to visit my family.. my grandmother on my mom's side recently got diagnosised with GI cancer and i went to visit her.. i had a great trip except for the 16 hour flight there and but overall it was great to see all of my family that i haven't seen in about 10 years. but i went to a few shops and craft stores and these are the supplies that i got. it great to go abroad and find different things that you can't find in the states.. but i just wanted to share some of the cool things i brought back. thank you to those all we had us in their thoughts and prayers.. i really appericate it..especially people at they have been truly great.. and im am so happy that i have met some of these ladies.. you guys have been great friends...

hugs ellen

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