Saturday, March 12, 2011

trades and paper roses from ebay

hey guys!! well i found a gold mine! Thai2u on ebay has these great paper mulberry roses and flowers for sale.. at a great price.. please check her out.. theses roses are beautiful!! they look just like any of the commerical roses you could purchase  like recollections or prima roses.. they are so great.. i was so excited to receive them..

also a few trades i did for my stick pins and grunge roses..thank  you nishi and anna for trading!! if you interested in any of my products or grunge roses please let me know.. i considering selling them on ebay or etsy.. but would like some advice on how to get started! but if you have any please oh please leave a comment.. i would really appericate it!!!

thanks for watching and visiting!!
have a great day

grunge roses traded to Nishi

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