Monday, April 18, 2011

Curtain Call Mini Album for Lyla Complete!!

hey guys.. well i finally finished (almost) my curtain call mini for Lyla at the scrapbeach.. well it took awhile but its done.. just got to distress some tags and thats it.. this album is 95% graphic 45 curtain call paper plus some of my minds eye "lost and found" paper.. i got a lot of things at hobby lobby and micheals. micheals has some new embellishments in the jewerly section that a great vintage items.. ie the bow and bicycle on my mini album.. definitely check that out.. also at hobby lobby is where i got most of my fibers, ribbion and lace. especially the fibers on the binding.

there are also some of my grunge roses that i make on the mini.. large and small.. those are still available for purchase.. please check out my etsy shop called ScrapHeadz at i still trying to get that site going...

some good news..
i recently enter a Twilight submission for The Ginger Scraps Street Magazine.. this is an online magazine dedicated to scrapbooking... my twilight page of edward and bella is going to be in the April issue... so once i get that article i will post it.. i was really excited about it. the first time i've been published.. so that is exciting. also i had to alter the page and put a picture of my boyfriend and myself.. probably for copy right issues... but none the less.. its still awesome..
if you want to check out the magazine.. here is the link...

also Jess who is the author of the article here is her blog..

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