Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sneak Peek! Current Curtain Call mini album im working on!

im doing a personal swap with lyla from thescrapbeach. we using the curtain call paper by graphic 45. i also am using a lot of prima and I am roses flowers. there are a lot of different techniques that i wanted to use with this mini. i've been working alot of youtube videos and this was my chance to actually use them. i haven't done a whole mini in a long time. mostly swap like stick pins, charms and mini pages. but i am very excited about this mini. i love this paper collection so i didn't want to cover up the paper too much. it has a great vintage feel to it.. as do most of the graphic 45 paper lines do. there are going to be tons of tags that i haven't yet complete. i also need to do the cover/back with binding. i made all the pages separate so that i can measure them out to do the binding according to the size it will be. its getting pretty thick so far.. so i'm sure lyla will like it. But here is a video for you guys. and a few pics! check it out and let me know what u think.. psst... don't tell lyla i don't want her to see it until its done! thanks for visiting.. stop back again to see the finished project!


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  1. It looks wonderful how you showcased all the Curtain Call papers !